Mama Nsawo – An Introduction

First of all, I think I will start everything off with a disclaimer – I am here to share information, experiences and opinions that may help someone, somewhere-out-there in someway. I am not preaching any gospel or forcing anything down anyone’s throat. I am merely a woman who likes sharing knowledge with others… The kind of knowledge that can change someone’s day,help one make a better decision about something, put a smile on one’s face, get a crucial discussion going or be saved for future reference later on.

I am mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend who is determined to live a life that is worth looking back at with a smile and a congratulatory nod of my head. To me, every day is an education and every one I interact with is a teacher (whether I like the lesson or not).

So what am I here for?

I want to share things that I discover; and a lot of it is about surviving Kampala (Think products, services and experiences but leave some wriggle-room for the unexpected)… I will not make concrete lists because I do not want to make promises that I can’t keep.

When I was a little girl, I had a nightdress that had a picture of Garfield holding onto a handful of helium balloons, seemingly flying over the Eiffel Tower with a caption that said,

‘Stick with me kid, I’ll take you places’.

I hope we all enjoy the ride!

Mama Nsawo Images





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